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Home educators' testimonials - French Curriculum

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French Curriculum for children around the world!

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What people say about our French curriculum



french curriculum testimonial mom 2

French Essentials includes all the important elements of listening, speaking, reading and writing to learn a second language. And it is laid out in a way that makes sense to the student getting them thoroughly familiar with spoken French. In my estimation, as a French major and homeschool teacher for 24 years, this is the best program on the market.

Debby C., Ontario, Canada



french curriculum testimonial mom 1

Finally a French home schooling course that goes at a pace anyone can handle... Since the building block approach is the method, that means being sure the lesson is completely mastered before the next one begins. You can have the confidence that you invested wisely with your home school and your time. Mom, Dad or an older sibling can tutor a student because this home school French curriculum is clearly laid out and easy to follow. Just the flexibility home schooling families are looking for.

Brenda M., Michigan, USA



french curriculum testimonial mom 4

Merci, French Essentials, for making this past year a great experience for my middle-school students!  We used ebooks 1 and 2 in our homeschool co-op. Your curriculum made it easy for me to introduce the material in class and fun for the students to work on at home.   I appreciated that my students were able to hear the material spoken by a native French speaker.   The flashcards and workbook pages reinforced the lesson material and appealed to all learning styles.  We also loved the fun cultural notes and the discussions that they sparked.  We can't wait to start ebook 3 next year.  I am so delighted at the outcome!

Shannon B., Coop Teacher, BC, Canada



french curriculum testimonial dad 2

We appreciate the way the program is laid out. Very easy to follow. We like the emphasis on communication and that the method is more than just listen and repeat. We like the section on the site on culture for the customers. We like that it is very affordable, especially for those of us on a tight budget. Customer service by email is prompt. We would recommend this program to others.

John S., Louisiana, USA



french curriculum testimonial mom 3

I think this program is a wonderful approach to teaching French. Its very immersive and the worksheets allow for lots of review. I am learning right along with my granddaughter! We are currently about half way through module two and it is excellent, just as module one was. We make flashcards of all new words, questions, sentences, etcetera, and we go over a few every day in addition to covering new material. Thank you for a wonderful program. Just downloaded eBook 3 and took a look. I think my granddaughter will enjoy it thoroughly. Thank you for a wonderful, affordable method of learning French.

Jessica P., Alberta, Canada



french curriculum testimonial dad 1

An excellent way to learn French! My son loves this program. Having the content in audio makes it seem far more interactive, more enjoyable  and much easier to retain. After summer break, I asked my son questions about the content from eBook 1 (as review), and he remembered everything he had learned the previous year.

Todd G., Illinois, USA



french curriculum testimonial dad 3

We have been impressed with the excellent teaching strategies employed in the French Essentials curriculum. Our students continue to enjoy the program and my own children found it rewarding as the layout promotes student success.

Mike N., Australia



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