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Complete eBooks Series - French Curriculum

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French Curriculum for children around the world!

The best French Curriculum eBooks Series!


Go from zero to speaking French!

Series eBooks Now Available!


french curriculum ebooks 1 5 series 


french curriculum ebook pages

What you will find in every eBook

  • Lessons with audio
  • Clear grammar & linguistic explanations
  • Listening & speaking exercises
  • Workbooks with keys
  • Pronunciation exercises
  • Cultural exploration


money back label computer and device for french curriculum

7 assets of this French Curriculum

  • Clearly defined objectives with a solid step-by-step method
  • Meets or exceeds recognized curriculum standards
  • 100% native French speakers (audio files)
  • Clear and easy to use
  • 10-day money back guarantee
  • Entirely printable
  • Works on computers as well as mobile devices 




note taking cavemanThis program is not:

  • An obsolete CD or DVD learning system
  • An ineffective game-based learning system
  • An unstructured online learning system
  • An ineffective, unstructured and disorganised playlist of videos or audio clips

Choose an effective modern way to learn French!


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 Series Available 2016-2018

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french durriculum ebooks happy girlExample of the eBooks 1 to 5 content

  • 80 Lessons (16 Units)
  • 663 pages
  • 3143 Audio files
  • Workbooks & answer keys
  • Pronunciation exercises
  • Cultural exploration
  • + FREE Glossary


Check the complete table of contents for eBook 1 to eBook 5




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French Curriculum Free eBook Sample

Give it a try with this 100% Free Sample eBook!

You'll discover the advantages of this French Curriculum.

This free demo contains:

  • a partial table of contents for eBook 1
  • a lesson from eBook 1
  • Audio
  • a sample grammar section
  • a cultural note
  • a sample workbook page

Get this free curriculum sample